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Jul 24, 2019

Today’s guest is Kate Miller Wilson. Kate is a mother, photographer and author. Our conversation begins with the photo that started a series of photos of her son who is on the autism spectrum. The series became the stunning book - Look Me in the Lens. The book is a combination of photos she made with her son and insights from her son about his experience of life with autism. Kate talks about how the book came to be and what it was like to create it. We also talk about Kate’s love of daily photos and the new love of her life - using a large format 4x5 film camera. Enjoy the show.

Jul 16, 2019

Today’s guest is Raymond Hatfield. Raymond is a father, photographer and host of the Beginner Photography Podcast. Our conversation begins with the story of Raymond helping a couple who had wedding photos taken but they never saw them. Raymond talks about making photo books of his family life - why they are important and what he’s done to making the books simpler. He tells us about the one second a day videos he’s doing right now. Enjoy!

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Jul 9, 2019

Today’s guest is Antonina Mamzenko. Antonina is a mother and photographer living in London. She photographs families in her area and famiies from around the world when they visit London. She tells us how she connects with and photographs these families while she also helps them tour London. We also discuss her the day in the life sessions and what she wants the families she photographs to see in her photos. Other topics include lens choices and parents getting in photos with their families. Enjoy!

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Next week on the show - Raymond Hatfield - host of The Beginner Photography Podcast. Listen to my interview on his podcast from last summer.

You can also hear me on Through the Lens of Motherhood.

Jul 2, 2019

On this episode: Troy Colby. Troy is a photographer and father. I found his project, The Fragility of Fatherhood and right away wanted to have him on the podcast. Troy talks about how this project began and what his hopes are for it. Troy is tired of images that idealize family life. His work explores the more ambiguous moments of being a father. Our conversation is as much about what it feels like to be a parent as what it is like to photograph our life and family.

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Jun 26, 2019

Today's show is with an old friend of mine, Tryn Rose Seley. Tryn Rose works with people who have dementia and has written a book titled, Fifteen Minutes of Fame: One Photos Does Wonders To Bring You Both Back to Solid Ground. In her work, Tryn Rose has found the power of photographs to help people with Alzheimer’s remember who they are. The photos also help the people who care for them have a way to connect with their loved one. Sometimes it’s a photo from the patient’s life, sometimes the photo is of something they love. Tryn Rose also talks about how photographs can help all of us connect with the people around us.

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Next week on the show Troy Colby.

Jun 18, 2019

Today’s show is a conversation with Kristen Kalp. Once upon a time, Kristen had a job photographing kids. These days, she’s a writer, teacher, poet, podcaster and business coach for creative people. We start our conversation talking about photos of herself that have helped her - how they were made and why they help her. Kristen also tells us about having her senior portrait taken which was not a helpful photo experience. Then, our conversation moves to her work with creative people. She talks about what her clients, who are mostly women, struggle with and what she helps them see and do.

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Jun 11, 2019

Today’s show is a conversation with Summer Kellogg. I have been following Summer’s 365 projects for years. I didn’t realize until we talked that she has been doing daily photos for over eight years. Summer talks about making daily photos and how she uses off camera lighting often in the winter for her projects. We also talk about the when she started to really care about making photos - it wasn’t when her first child was born.

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Jun 4, 2019

Today’s guest is Chris Orwig. Chris is a father, photographer, teacher, author and he’s just a very insightful, thoughtful person. I spoke to him for the podcast about two years ago and was excited to talk with him again.

In this conversation, Chris talks about becoming disinterested in taking portraits, why it happened and how he feels now. He also talks about looking outside the world of photography to someone who works with troubled horses helped him learn how to connect with the people he photographs. Currently he is challenging himself with studio lighting which he hasn't liked before. Over the past couple years, Chris made the switch from Canon cameras to Sony cameras. We talk about what he thought initially about Sony and how switching has been about more than just choosing a different system.

Chris shares some great stories and insights in this conversation. I know you’ll love it.

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May 28, 2019

Today’s guest is David DuChemin. You may be familiar with David and his work. If not, I’m happy to be the one to introduce you. David is a teacher, adventurer and author - some of his books are  - Within the Frame, The Soul of the Camera, The Visual Toolbox and A Beautiful Anarchy.  David sends out an newsletter every couple of weeks. I read one he wrote in response to a comment he got and I wrote him right back saying - I love what your saying here - do you want to talk about it with me on my podcast? That is where are conversation starts and I know your are going to enjoy it.

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May 21, 2019

Welcome to Season Two of The Family Photographer Podcast!

The first conversation of season two is with LaShawn Wiltz: a wife, mother, blogger and photographer from Atlanta, Georgia.

LaShawn comes from family who is dedicated to keeping memories and giving them to the next generation with photographs. And, she is absolutely keeping her family’s tradition alive while also encouraging her community to do the same for their own families.

In this conversation, we talk about why parent-photographers hesitate to get into photos (perfectionism!) and why we need to do get over ourselves and do it more.

LaShawn and I also talk about our love of daily photo projects and the group projects she does with her Instagram community.

LaShawn tells us about the work she does for brands and also why she doesn’t photograph other people’s families.

This season’s theme is how photography helps. When I asked LaShawn, she talked about making macro photos when her father was dying. She doesn’t take many macro photos these days but making them helped her through those hard days.

We even squeezed in a little gear talk! We discuss the camera she uses and I was trying out when we spoke: the Canon 6D Mark II. 

Enjoy the show!

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May 7, 2019

A new season of the Family Photographer is starting May 21!

You can expect inspiring conversations with people who love photography as much as you do. 

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Jun 5, 2018

On this episode, Simon Ringsmuth, photographer and co-host of the podcast Camera Dads, tells us about the photos he took of his younger sister during the years she was battling breast cancer. We talk about why these photos are important to him and to his sister's family now that she's gone and why we should let people take our photo even if we haven't showered yet. Simon also shares his excitement about his Fujifilm camera. 

The Family Photographer Podcast is going on summer break. There won't be any new shows until September. I'm also logging out of Facebook and Instagram for the summer. If you want to get in touch with me you can email: or write! PO Box 81007, Pittsburgh PA 15217, USA

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May 1, 2018

Today's show is an interview with New Zealand photographer and mother of four, Niki Boon. On the podcast, Niki talks about how she makes the photos she shares of her children's lives in the land they love and spend their days exploring. Niki's children don't go to school or follow any formal school curriculum. Niki tells us how it is their curiosity and aliveness that inspires her photography. Photos that she says are made in the cracks of her full days raising her family.

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Apr 17, 2018

This episode is an interview with Natalie Greenroyd. Natalie is a mother of two young boys and lives under big skies in Oklahoma. She recently created a class for Click Photo School titled Shot with Moxie. In our conversation we talk about what she means when she says Moxie and what lead her to become bold in her photography. Natalie talks about how a daily project pushed her to try new things like free lensing and multiple exposures. We talk about how she makes striking silhouettes and about her favorite lenses. Enjoy the show.

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Mar 27, 2018

On this episode, I talk with Kate Densmore about her new book Stories of Home. We talk about documenting family life, composition and thinking about your "why" when taking family photos.

*This episode was first posted December 6. 2016*

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Mar 13, 2018

This episode is an interview with Renato dPaula. Renato is a father and documentary photographer from São Paulo, Brazil.

We begin our conversation talking about one of my favorite things: Renato's 365 Project. We talk about how there’s nothing like a difficult personal project to grow as a photographer. Renato tells us how he came to focus and documentary family photography, how he does it, what is his favorite part of the day with families. Renato does a lot of birth photography which I really love myself. I ask him how he got started in a genre done mostly by women. There’s so much I loved about talking with Renato. Enjoy!

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Feb 27, 2018

This episode is an interview with Chuck Anerino. Chuck is a photographer and father of three boys. This is a guy who loves photography and also thinks deeply about photography. He's a perfect guest for the podcast.

We begin by talking about the magic bullet when it comes to becoming a really good photographer. Chuck shares about early feedback he got on his work and how it helped him develop his craft.

Chuck prints his photographs at home. I have never really given this much thought until I started talking with Chuck about it. If you have been thinking about printing your own work, you’ll love this conversation.

Feb 13, 2018

Today's podcast interview is with Brekke Johnson. Brekke is a mother of a three year old boy and family photographer based in Madison, Alabama.

Later this week, Brekke is teaching about photographing two year olds at this year’s Click Away conference. On the podcast, we talk about some of her tricks for photographing families with small children. And, we also talk about when it's not the kids who are making it hard to get a good shot. Sometimes it's the parents! Brekke tells us what she does to make family sessions fun for everyone.

 Brekke shares about her struggle with postpartum anxiety and how  photography helped her both see that she needed help and helped her feel better. I love Brekke’s honesty about her journey as a mother and a photography in this interview.

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Jan 30, 2018

Today on the show I’m talking with Aaron Thomspon. Aaron is a father of three who owns many, many cameras yet is brand agnostic. He’s a portrait photographer based in Utah who has done a wide variety of photography and film work. I discovered his work on Flickr and asked him to be a guest on the show. I’m so glad I did. We talk about the first digital camera he bought for 1000 dollars that could do so little compared to what we’re used to now. Aaron talks about why he loves photographing his children in their real and sometimes sad or sick moments. We talk about taking photos in hard times, why he doesn’t delete photos and how he feels about using both DSLRS and  mirrorless cameras. Enjoy the show.

Jan 9, 2018

This episode is an interview with Alex Lindsay. Alex is the father of four, insanely good at lip syncing and my dear brother. He’s also a regular guest on Mac Break Weekly with Leo LaPorte and the founder of Pixel Corps which provides internet broadcasting, augmented reality, and virtual reality services to all kinds of big shots. Plus, he worked on Star War episode one the Phantom Menace which my nine year old son thinks is pretty great. He’s the reason you’re listening to this podcast because even before I knew what a podcast was or how to listen to one he was saying, "Hey Jen, you should do a podcast about family photography."

Dec 26, 2017

Today's show a conversation with Brandon Price. Brandon is a missionary living in Ukraine with his wife and adorable son. He photographing their life together with with honestly and beautifully.

On today’s show we talk about how he first fell in love with movie making and still loves making movies of his life. Brandon tells the story of the adoption of his son and how he came to have wonderful photos of the moment he and his wife met their son without having to be behind the camera. We talk about  about photographing the happy, frustrated, and worried moments - all the different ups and downs - in this first year of being a parents. We also talk about his switch from Canon to Fuji camera system. 

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Dec 12, 2017

I'm excited to share this interview with Sandra Coan. Sandra is a mother of twin boys who photographs families and newborns on film in her Seattle studio. She's been in business for seventeen years and loves sharing what she's learned in those years.

On today’s show, we talk about how she began taking photos for people as a business. She tells us about the path she took to discover what she does. Sandra didn’t start shooting film in a studio, she did some photojournalistic weddings along the way. Sandra talks about finding out who her people were - the people who wanted exactly what she wanted to make and how to talk to them.

If you are starting a photography business or run one now, you’ll love listening to Sandra’s enthusiasm for business and also for helping others have as much success and fun as she’s having with her photography business. Even if you have no interest in ever starting a photography business - you’ll still love hearing from someone who has created a life they love so thoroughly. Enjoy the show.

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Nov 28, 2017

This episode is an interview with Andrea Moffatt. Andrea is a mother of two boys who loves to photograph her family’s stories. She recently created a break out for Click Photo School titled, The Stories that Make Us.

There is lifestyle photography, what Elena Blair does, and the photojournalistic photography of Kirsten Lewis. Andrea uses a documentary approach and she consciously adds her own experience to the photo.

Andrea and I both live in the Pittsburgh area and enjoy taking our kids to the zoo here. We've both photographed our kids with the polar bears there. As Andrea has learned more about making photos and telling stories well her photos of the polar bears have gotten better.

Enjoy the show.

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Nov 14, 2017

I'm thrilled to share this interview with Elena Blair. Elena is a mother of three who photographs newborns and families in the Seattle area. She loves sharing what she's learned about making family photos and running a business and has created many resources for family photographers. Elena recently recorded a great class on Creative Live titled Lifestyle Family Photography - Posing and Direction.

In this podcast interview with Elena Blair, we talk about why she feels family photography is important. Has it ever seemed to you like wedding photography or commercial photography is real photography and family photography is just this little thing we like to do? Elena feels strongly that family photography isn't less important than other genres.

Elena shares with us how she thinks about posing families. She's not talking about stiff or formal posing but she does pose her families. This conversation isn’t just for people who photograph other people’s families. You can use her posing ideas when photographing your own family, your brother’s family or your parents.

Elena also talks about the moment she stopped posing newborns and what inspires her when she photographs newborns now.

Find out more about Elena: Website, Instagram, Facebook

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Oct 31, 2017

It's Halloween! Do you have your kids’ costumes ready? Me neither. But I am prepared to take great photos, thanks to my conversation with Rebecca Wyatt about capturing magic on Halloween.

 Rebecca Wyatt is a family photographer and mother of four. Over the years, she’s figured out how to make great photos while her kids enjoy Halloween.

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